Welcome. Find out how we work, live and think.      And then make up your mind, if we could make a good team together. Or not.

We offer consulting services for marketing and marketing com­mu­ni­ca­tion projects, concept development and complete realisation of cam­paigns or communication projects. We are a full service agency. Our solutions range from print to app, from corporate publishing to social media, from TV to sales communications, from web to event. We put disciplined networking to work for you − with processes that have proven their success for over a decade.


Our goal. Deliver maximum competence for your specific needs with minimal structural costs.



Are we right for you? Group of Peers is the right agency for decision makers looking for experienced partners who will work at their level, and also develop effective solutions without detours. Our ex­pe­rien­ced peers share your commitment to meet your targets. They lead mul­ti-disciplined teams tailor-made to meet all your requests.


Maybe we’re not right for you... Group of Peers is not suitable for companies with multi-leveled hierarchic organizational structures which will be unable to fully benefit from the continuous improve­ment processes initiated by our peers.



We love to work for these sectors: Financial Services, Consulting, Healthcare, Technology.


Our focus of work: Strategic Marketing Communication, Content Development and Marketing for Online and Offline Channels, B2B(2C) Communication, Corporate Publishing, Corporate Identity, One-Stop Market Entries.

Peers: Experience, team skills and personality – traits you can expect form your peer. Peers are people tal­king the same language and sharing the same devotion to your company's success with you.


Your peer is your partner responsibly leading a team of experts for you or your projects as a "team of peers" – combining all the required skills on a peer-level. Because this is the way to make the best out of your team’s resources and create unique solutions.




Paul Armbruster

Copy writer, conceptionist and creative director. Paul sharpened his talents at renowned agencies like BBDO, TRUST, Young & Rubicam, Leonhardt & Kern and Ogilvy, where he worked for more than a decade. Paul’s work is focused on gaining a deep understanding of target groups to find the best way to convey your key messages in the marketplace.



Markus Gutberlet

Managing Director of Group of Peers GmbH. Markus founded Group of Peers in 2004 following years of holding leading positions in client service und strategic consulting. He graduated from Ludwig-Maxi­mi­li­ans-Universität (Munich) with an M.A. in philosophy and mathe­ma­ti­cal logic. Markus also studied Strategic Marketing Management at the European Business School (Oestrich-Winkel, Germany).



Stefan Nigratschka

Creative Director and peer right from the start. As Creative Director Stefan has led creative teams at national and international agencies for more than a decade: in addition to his broad spectrum of ex­pe­ri­ence, he also holds a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Applied Sciences at Mainz and is regular member of the Deutsche Designer Club (DDC)jury for the category of communication design.